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CyberKnife Cancer Treatment?

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Who Is a Candidate for Cancer Treatment?

One of the many benefits of CyberKnife therapy is that nearly everyone is an eligible candidate, even those with difficult-to-treat cancers or the medically frail.

The CyberKnife is ideally suited for patients who:

Have a condition diagnosed as inoperable

Are too young or advanced in age for frame-based radiosurgery

Want or need an alternative to traditional open surgery

Have received the maximum allowable dose of radiation

Do not want to undergo a treatment using a stereotactic frame

Do not want an additional operation to remove a recurrent or residual tumor

Can benefit from the newly evolving applications for conditions previously not considered for radiosurgery

Can receive radiosurgery treatment as adjunct therapy to traditional oncology care

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“Who knew doctors still make house calls. I tell everyone I can about Horizon Medical Services. It’s been great for our whole family because one of us would have to be driving dad to a medical center 25 times in as many days to get his cancer treatment. With Horizon Medical Services the doctors come to the patient. It’s amazing and insurance pays for this door to door service.”

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John - Patient's Son

Talk to your doctor to determine if the CyberKnife treatment is appropriate for your condition. If your specialist says you are a candidate for CyberKnife, or you would like a second opinion, call CyberKnife Center of Miami today at (800) 204-0455.