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What Types of Cancer Does CyberKnife Miami Treat?

The CyberKnife is FDA approved to deliver precise, high-energy, radiation treatments to cancerous and non-cancerous tumors throughout the entire body. More than 150,000 patients have been treated worldwide and over 3,500 have been successfully treated at the CyberKnife Center of Miami. Many had been told that they had inoperable tumors, but were successfully treated with the CyberKnife.

Not everyone is a candidate for image-guided robotic radiosurgery treatment and only a CyberKnife-trained physician can best determine if a condition can be treated using the CyberKnife system.

Generally speaking, the CyberKnife effectively treats:

Specific conditions that may be effectively treated with the CyberKnife are as follows:

Brain: Primary/Metastatic/Recurrent/Benign Cancer Treatments

Primary Tumors

  • Astrocytomas
  • Gliomas
  • Skull-base tumors
  • Nasopharyngeal carcinomas
  • Spinal tumors


  • Acoustic neuromas
  • Schwannomas
  • Pituitary adenomas
  • Hemangioblastomas
  • Craniopharyngiomas

Vascular Malformations

Functional Disorders

Body: Primary/Metastatic/Recurrent/Benign Cancer Treatments

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