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Not so long ago, there were few treatment options for those diagnosed with cancer. For the most part, treatments were classified as either “holistic” or “western.” Sometimes patients were treated with a combination of the two and too often neither proved 100 percent effective for more aggressive or late-stage cancers. Here is a primer for those who are unclear about the differences between Western and holistic treatments for cancer treatment, as well as information about a new treatment that combines precision state-of-the-art radio-surgery technology with holistic undertones, providing a “beam of life” for those seeking effective treatments for their condition.

Western Medicine

Simply defined, Western medicine is a system in which medical and healthcare professionals including doctors, surgeons, nurses, mental health providers and pharmacists use drugs, surgery and medications to treat illness and disease. Also known as conventional, mainstream, allopathic medicine or bio medicine, Western medicine is the most common method of treating cancers in the United States, with the most common treatments being surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. While these treatments can be highly effective by themselves or in a treatment plan that combines two or more of these methods, many times these treatments can leave a patient with any number of un-welcomed side effects.

Holistic Medicine

Unlike the cancer treatments most commonly used in Western medicine, holistic medicine considers body, mind, spirit and emotions as part of a total wellness program. Holistic medicine approaches to treating cancer include a combination of Western medicine treatments and other treatments to heal the rest of the body. That includes focusing on things like detoxification to rid the body of toxicity and invaders that can affect your health and immune system, emotional health support to help you face the challenges ahead and general wellness, to include a healthy lifestyle void of toxins like smoking and stress. Holistic medicine also includes a number of traditional and non-traditional therapies that can enhance healing and wellness; these include exercise, rest, aromatherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, chiropractic medicine and even laughter therapy, massage and meditation.

CyberKnife:  When Western Meets Holistic

While there are many cancer patients who rely solely on Western treatments, most incorporate the practices and principles of holistic medicine into their Western medical treatments for cancer. In fact, many medical professionals agree that holistic medicine can actually enhance and accelerate healing and can be used as a preventive measure in many cases.

In Miami, those seeking treatment for their cancer increasingly are turning to CyberKnife radiosurgery. CyberKnife technology is an advanced image-guided robotics system that uses high-energy radiation to target and destroy tumors and lesions with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, CyberKnife cancer treatment has proven to be more precise than traditional radiation, more effective than traditional surgery, and less invasive than even chemotherapy. With CyberKnife there are little if any side effects, no scarring, and no downtime. With CyberKnife, patients find they have more energy and encouragement to supplement their treatments with traditional holistic treatments for health of mind, body and soul. No wonder CyberKnife treatment is called “The Beam of Life”, especially for those with cancers that are more advanced or harder to reach.

If you are searching for an experienced and reliable cancer treatment center for yourself or someone you love, consider the CyberKnife Center of Miami. Our expert team of medical professionals understand how to treat all kinds of cancer the best way possible through precise and targeted treatment that effectively kill cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue or any other part of your body. To learn more about CyberKnife Radiation Therapy, also known as Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) or so called Radio-surgery call our cancer experts today 800-204-0455 or contact us online.