Why Doctors Are Recommending CyberKnife More Often? 

by | May 2, 2023 | Alternative Cancer Treatment Florida, Best CyberKnife Doctors, CyberKnife for Cancer Treatment

As doctors and their patients discover the benefits of treating cancer with CyberKnife, a form of stereotactic body radiation therapy or SBRT that uses image-guided robotic technology to deliver strong and precise radiation to tumors, it’s being recommended more often, according to the experts at CyberKnife Center of Miami, South Florida’s premiere cancer treatment center.

And there is solid science behind those recommendations.

According to University of North Carolina School of Medicine, CyberKnife radiation has been proven effective for more than 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of patients across the globe have been treated with CyberKnife, and there are many clinical studies and peer-reviewed journals documenting its efficacy.

Accuray, the maker of CyberKnife, lists dozens of routing studies on its website showing that CyberKnife can be used for lung, brain, head and neck, spine, liver, pancreas, prostate and kidney cancers. It’s also been proven to help treat acoustic neuromas, benign tumors growing on the nerve for balance and hearing, as well as trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic pain disorder that causes severe facial pain.  

And it’s also being used and studied for some breast cancers and ovarian cancers. And the market for CyberKnife is expected to grow because of demand for non-invasive treatment options and more cancers being diagnosed.

The CyberKnife Advantage

During treatment, CyberKnife’s robotic missile guidance system tracks tumors and moves with the patient. In other words, it compensates for the slightest movement from the patient during treatment while lying on the CyberKnife table. For instance, with each breath they take, it continues to target the tumor site with pin-point precision, therefore healthy surrounding tissue and vital organs nearby are not harmed.

CyberKnife is non-invasive and a relatively painless treatment. There are generally few – if any – complications with CyberKnife treatments.

Since CyberKnife is so accurate, it can deliver high doses of radiation in fewer treatments than with conventional radiation.  With CyberKnife, most patients need 

one-to-five treatments as opposed to 25-to-40 treatment sessions with conventional radiation.

Plus, CyberKnife has been shown to have a 98% cure rate with prostate cancer.

Here are a few other benefits for cancer treatment with CyberKnife:

  • Excellent control of tumors, destroying them and preventing growth
  • Lower risk of damage to healthy tissue
  • Better quality of life while undergoing treatment. There is no downtime to recover like with surgery. Patients can most often go about their normal daily activities right after treatment. Including going to work or even working out.

As more people are hearing and learning about CyberKnife as an alternative treatment to surgery or other types of radiation therapy, more are asking about being treated with it and even demanding it when doctors may not tell them about it or even advise them it will not work for them when most often it will. And as younger physicians learn about the technology in medical school, as it becomes more readily available at medical centers, and as more doctors are trained to use it, it’s being recommended more often and it should be.

Editorials have even been written by medical professionals, saying, “We can no longer in good conscience recommend other types of radiation that require many more treatment sessions or even surgery when CyberKnife can be done in many fewer treatment sessions, non-invasively.”

CyberKnife Treatment: Miami, FL

The experts at CyberKnife Miami see the CyberKnife advantage every day.

“CyberKnife is the most refined way to target a tumor and minimize the dose to normal tissue,” says Dr. Mark Pomper, executive director of CyberKnife Miami and board-certified radiation oncologist. “It is often a very good alternative to surgery and our results can be at least as good.”

We opened our doors 20 years ago, and we were the first CyberKnife center to open in the Southeast United States. 

Since that time, we have successfully treated thousands of patients from South Florida and around the world. And we’re here to help you too.

Our patients are not statistics. 

Our staff knows that treating patients with compassion and scientifically proven, state-of-the-art technology goes hand in hand. 

That’s what sets us apart from other cancer treatment centers. Plus, our doctors and staff are experts. We’re often called to train others how to use CyberKnife. And we’ll take on the tough cases that may be turned away from other cancer treatment centers who don’t have our vast amount of experience.

If you are interested in learning more about CyberKnife Miami and this alternative cancer treatment call us at 305-279-2900 or go to our website now.  www.cyberknifemiami.com.