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CyberKnife Center of Miami was the first CyberKnife facility in Florida, the first in the southeastern U.S. and 11th in the world. Our world-class physicians are specialty trained in stereotactic radiosurgery and are among the most experienced and qualified worldwide.

Since opening more than a decade ago, our dedicated staff and physicians have treated more than 3,000 patients from all walks of life with all types of cancerous and non-cancerous conditions.

Our team of Radiation Oncologists, surgeons, Medical Physicists and Radiation Therapists provides a level of skill and precision that matches our years of experience. They are among some of the most experienced radiosurgery specialists in the United States, which is why they are often asked to train other centers around the world on how to use the CyberKnife in the most effective way with the most positive outcomes.

As a freestanding outpatient center, CyberKnife Miami provides image-guided radiosurgery treatments using the CyberKnife. We treat tumors of the brain, spine, lung, kidney, pancreas, liver, prostate, head and neck and other conditions throughout the body where radiation treatment is indicated. Many of our patients are treated with the CyberKnife for conditions that have been deemed inoperable or for areas that have previously received the maximum level of radiation.

We are an open-staff facility. This means that the physicians who use the CyberKnife are trained clinicians in private practice and/or affiliated with a medical center in South Florida. They are supervised by CyberKnife Miami Medical and Executive Director Dr. James G. Schwade, an internationally recognized Radiation Oncologist who has practiced for more than 31 years in Miami and is a true pioneer in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery.

If you want to find out if we might be able to help you, call us and we will determine if you are a candidate for this therapy. It could save your life, extend your life, and preserve your quality of life while undergoing treatment.

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