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When they deliver catastrophic news, nearly all doctors will advise their patients to get a second opinion. But why? Most of the time that second opinion is to reinforce the first diagnosis, too often only confirming the patient’s worst fears. But what if that second opinion was able to bring hope? What if that second opinion served as a beam of life, so to speak, rather than of darkness?  CyberKnife Radiosurgery is a medical treatment that provides hope and life to patients facing catastrophic diagnoses.  So, what then is CyberKnife and how does it work?

A Medical Change of Paradigm

CyberKnife Radiosurgery is a state-of-the-art robotic radiation technology that is used to treat cancerous and non-cancerous tumors throughout the body. To be clear, CyberKnife is not a knife; it is a distinctive radiosurgery device mounted on a robotic arm that uses a miniature linear accelerator (linac) to produce high doses of radiation that are delivered with sub-millimeter accuracy to the damaged or diseased tissue while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

That’s part of the reason why CyberKnife has changed the entire paradigm of treating diseases like cancer. Rather than grim diagnoses or prolonged recovery periods, CyberKnife offers a new approach to treatment that literally zaps and destroys tumors without cutting, anesthesia, blood, pain, recovery time, or lingering side effects.

How It Works

Unlike knives and scalpels that make incisions, CyberKnife shoots radiation beams with the highest dose possible from every angle directly at the cancer or tumor, never once cutting the skin.  Patients are awake and feel nothing as the beam attacks only the diseased tissue, leaving the healthy tissue unaffected.  In fact, through the use of imaging cameras and the Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System, the CyberKnife locates and tracks the position of the tumor during normal breathing cycles. That means the beam actually can follow the tumor, even as you are breathing.  CyberKnife is able to kill tumors anywhere in the body-brain, prostate, breast, even in the pancreas and liver, as well as sensitive or hard to reach places – that even the more talented surgeon might find impossible to access. This not only ensures treatments are more effective but that fewer procedures are required, thereby making recovery time that much faster.

When Cancer Becomes Manageable

Receiving a devastating diagnosis can leave a patient with little hope. And thinking of traditional courses of treatment such as surgery, radiation, chemo and the side effects they bring can be nearly as devastating. So what about stubborn cancers that have a tendency to return or reinvent themselves? The good news with CyberKnife is that if a tumor returns, the patient can be treated repeatedly over time allowing doctors to manage their cancer like a chronic disease.

What to Expect After a CyberKnife Treatment

Many patients say that CyberKnife treatment is like a “walk in the park”.  You can drive yourself to and from treatment and you can go out for lunch, play a round of golf, go shopping or even go to the gym after treatment. There are little to no side effects if any. If any side effects occur after CyberKnife treatment, they are usually mild and temporary, and may only include nausea and fatigue.

How Long is a Typical Treatment Period?

The effects of radiosurgery occur gradually and over a period of time. The timeframe can range from days, months, or years depending on the medical condition targeted. Some tumors dissolve slower than others and eventually disappear, while others simply stop growing and present no further cell activity. After treatment, patients typically are asked to get periodic imaging (CT scan or MRI) of their tumor(s) so that their physician can monitor the effectiveness of the radiation treatment.

A Beam of Life in Greater Miami

With as many positive outcomes and lives restored thanks to CyberKnife, one would think anyone facing a grim diagnosis would seek out a CyberKnife center right away.  But unfortunately, the public – and many doctors – are unaware or not convinced that anything other than traditional treatments are valid.

When faced with a devastating diagnosis, it may be best to arm yourself with knowledge about the future of medicine.  The good news is that if you live in the greater Miami area, the CyberKnife Center of Miami is there to help. Since its founding in 2003, CyberKnife Center of Miami has successfully treated more than 3,500 patients and is one of the top CyberKnife centers in the world.

With the Beam of Life, CyberKnife Center of Miami is giving thousands of people hope where there was none, new life when they thought they might lose it, and a profound sense of peace knowing there is a choice when it comes to cancer.  Call today to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for the Beam of Life.  Call us at (800) 204-0455 or contact us using our online form.