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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and have sought information on the various treatment options available, you have probably heard about the “holistic approach.”

It’s a school of alternative medicine that focuses on treating the whole patient, rather than just a specific illness or symptom. In keeping with that definition, holistic cancer treatments are not intended to directly treat a malignancy but to enhance your overall health and wellbeing while under conventional cancer treatment.

There are numerous holistic treatments available for cancer patients. The most common are products, such as antioxidants, vitamins, mineral supplements and herbal remedies available at health food shops. Also, there are alternative therapies, such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathic substances
  • Dietary treatments (juice, acid-free, and raw food diets)
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation exercises

These holistic options help you manage symptoms – including pain, stress, and fatigue – while undergoing cancer treatment. Keep in mind that some natural remedies and mega doses of vitamins may alter the effects of drugs necessary to treat cancer. You should never postpone cancer testing or seeking treatment while trying out holistic cancer treatments. Instead, discuss these options with your doctor first to be sure they are safe for your type and stage of cancer. Your doctor can work with you to come up with a cancer treatment plan that includes holistic treatments. This will help you feel better and heal as a whole instead of simply treating the cancer.

One of the most effective therapies for cancerous tumors is conventional radiation therapy. While it is effective in treating a variety of cancers, it sometimes comes with a host of side effects. Fortunately, for individuals seeking holistic approaches to treating cancer, there is a better radiation treatment option available.

If you want to avoid the pain, discomfort, side effects, and potential damage to healthy tissues and organs often associated with traditional radiotherapy, you should seriously consider CyberKnife® radiation therapy. This revolutionary alternative – also referred to as The Beam of Life – is a safe, painless, and effective form of non-invasive radiation therapy that targets and destroys cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue through precision.

Unlike conventional radiation therapy, CyberKnife uses a robotic arm that is calibrated to adjust to the slightest movement – even your natural breathing – to precisely deliver high doses of radiation to the targeted tumor. As a result, your radiation therapy can be completed in just five, 30-60-minute sessions – compared to the dozens of sessions necessary with traditional radiation treatments. There are few, if any, minor side effects associated with the CyberKnife system and no downtime is required, which means you can get back to your normal activities as soon as the session is over.

To learn more about the CyberKnife treatment, which has effectively helped treat hundreds of thousands of cancer patients for more than 30 years, contact the CyberKnife Center of Miami today at (800) 204-0455 or (305) 279-2900 to arrange a consultation with one of our expert physicians and go to our website now. www.cyberknifemiami.com

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