Treating Kidney Cancer at CyberKnife Miami 

by | Jul 8, 2020 | CyberKnife to Treat Cancer, CyberKnife Treatment, Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer, also known as renal cancer, is often highly aggressive and potentially one of the most fatal cancers if not treated as soon as possible. For many patients, surgery is the recommended treatment to remove kidney tumors because traditional radiation therapy is not effective at killing this type of tumor however it may slow its growth.  

When surgery is done, it’s crucial the surgeon save as much of the kidney as possible. You never want to lose a kidney if you can save even a portion of it, even though you can live with just one kidney. Here’s why. It’s not uncommon for kidney cancer to begin in one kidney and develop in the other kidney, even after having the tumor surgically removed.

Should that happen and both kidneys are no longer functioning or removed, you will need a  kidney transplant to survive and hope a kidney becomes available. 

Fortunately there often is another treatment option for kidney cancer that is non-invasive and non-surgical. It’s highly successful and can save kidneys without surgery. 

It’s called CyberKnife Radiosurgery or Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). 

The CyberKnife delivers high doses of pin-point radiation directly to the tumor with extreme accuracy and minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. It kills tumor cells and over time the tumor dies. Because it delivers the highest dose of radiation possible, patients need fewer treatments and the control rate is high.

CyberKnife only requires 2-to-5 radiation treatment sessions, is proven to kill cancer cells and reduces the risk of cancer coming back.

CyberKnife Therapy Saved Earl’s Life  

kidney cancer treatment miami

In 2005 Earl was diagnosed with bilateral kidney tumors. Meaning he had a tumor in both kidneys. The one in his left kidney was non-cancerous, but the tumor on the right kidney was cancerous.  

His doctors recommended surgery to remove that right kidney, but fortunately, he didn’t listen to them.

Earl says, “As luck would have it I had just seen a story on the TV news about CyberKnife, new technology that could destroy tumors without surgery anywhere in the body. The CyberKnife Center of Miami had just opened up and I was diagnosed shortly after that so I went there and they said, why remove it when we can treat the tumor non-invasively with CyberKnife?”

CyberKnife Miami’s Medical Director and Board Certified Radiation Oncologist Dr. Mark Pomper says, “Removing a kidney completely or partially is the standard treatment for this type of cancer, but often it’s not necessary. In this case with bilateral kidney tumors, CyberKnife was the best option for Earl. You can treat the kidneys and get rid of the tumors without significantly affecting kidney function.” 

Both of Earl’s kidneys were treated with CyberKnife. While the tumor in his right kidney disappeared, another cancerous tumor developed in his left kidney 6 years later. 

Dr. Pomper adds, “Without the precision of CyberKnife, it’s very hard to deliver this high dose of radiation without affecting normal tissue. CyberKnife is the best of both worlds in that it is non-invasive, and kills the cancer cells while avoiding the healthy tissue.” 

Earl says, “Imagine if I would have listened to those doctors and had my right kidney removed? I would have had only one kidney and then what would they do? Either I would have been on the list for an organ transplant or maybe even be dead!”

Both of Earl’s kidney tumors were treated with CyberKnife. His last treatment to the left kidney was in 2011 and both kidneys are functioning completely normal. He had zero complications like he never had bilateral renal cell cancer.

Earl says, “The treatment was such a simple thing. I had absolutely no side effects and I don’t feel any different today than I did before kidney cancer. Why wouldn’t people choose CyberKnife over being cut into?”

Dr. Pomper says, “Another good thing about CyberKnife is if the tumor comes back we can often treat it again.”

Earl’s cancer was controlled and his organs were spared.

“CyberKnife Miami saved my kidneys and my life. If I had listened to my other doctors, I probably wouldn’t be around today,” says Earl.

Earl can’t brag enough about the CyberKnife Center of Miami, “The staff is so nice. It’s scary at first but they explain everything so well and make you feel completely relaxed. Any chance I get, I tell people about it and they listen.”

Today Earl, a retired airplane instrument repairman, spends as much time with his five grandkids as possible.

“I hope it’s all behind me. The doctors tell me that I’m cured of kidney cancer. I’m so grateful that I went to the CyberKnife Center of Miami and am very lucky I saw that story on TV about the treatment because my doctors sure didn’t tell me about it.”

Kidney Cancer Treatment with CyberKnife 

CyberKnife is an excellent alternative to surgery for treating tumors anywhere in the body, even in difficult to reach areas such as the kidneys. It’s often a lifesaver for people who are too weak or elderly to undergo surgery. CyberKnife is highly effective for treating primary and metastatic cancer.

To learn more about how CyberKnife can provide you or a loved one with effective kidney cancer treatment or to schedule an appointment call our cancer experts at 305-279-2900 or go to our website now.