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Leonor’s Story: “Surviving Ovarian Cancer Too Many Times To Count.”

CyberKnife: Most Powerful Weapon to Fight Recurring Ovarian Cancer & Other Gynecologic Cancers

As the office manager of a major food distributor Leonor Rivacoba worked long hours, “I had endless energy and needed it for my job.”

But Leonor was forced to slow down, “I went to the doctor because my stomach was bloated and they found a softball sized tumor.”

The diagnosis, ovarian cancer. She had surgery to remove the tumor plus chemotherapy but it quickly came back.

She says, “It came back with a vengeance and spread fast.”

Another operation to remove the tumors and continuous chemo wasn’t working.
More tumors surfaced. This time her doctor said, “I can’t do more for you.”

Leonor says, “I had golf ball size tumors but I wouldn’t accept this as the end.”
She kept a positive attitude even though the cancer spread to her liver, lymph nodes, spleen and outside her lungs.

Things looked grim until a friend told her about CyberKnife treatments at the CyberKnife Center of Miami.
She says, “They looked at my pet scan and said this is totally treatable.”

The CyberKnife is robotic radiation technology.

It delivers high doses of radiation with pinpoint accuracy directly to the tumor.
The tumors are zapped and shrivel up while you get on with your life.

Dr. Mark Pomper, a board certified radiation oncologist and medical director at CyberKnife Miami says, “CyberKnife is extremely effective and well tolerated. We do what a surgeon does without a knife and the toxicity of chemo. If the tumors come back we zap them again.”

A recent study published in the medical journal, Frontiers In Oncology found 68-percent of patients had a positive outcome from CyberKnife.

Dr. Pomper says, “CyberKnife Radiation Therapy help us us manage cancer like a chronic illness. Kind of like we do with Diabetes. We can certainly help prolong lives and it does not affect as person’s quality of life while they are going through treatment. They go about their daily routines as usual.”

Leonor says, “I can’t remember how many times the cancer came back. I think 18 times. The only side effect was a little nausea and weakness.”

CyberKnife is an option for patients whose gynecologic malignancies recur, mainly ovarian and endometrial cancers.

The treatments are usually done in 3 days instead of 7 weeks with other types of radiation therapy.

To learn more, talk to our Ovarian Cancer Experts at CyberKnife Miami. Consultations are free. 305-279-2900 and click here for the link on our website to read more about how CyberKnife works for Ovarian Cancer.