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Over the last few decades, significant technological advances have not only made prostate cancer treatment more effective, but also more convenient and less complex.

Take, for example, robotic-assisted radiation therapy. With the introduction of the CyberKnife® System, patients with cancers and lesions can now forgo the pain, side effects and long recovery times associated with traditional cancer treatments.

Robotic-Assisted CyberKnife Radiation Treatment for Cancer

The CyberKnife System, also referred to as The Beam of Life™, is a totally noninvasive, painless technique to treat prostate cancer. It serves as an alternative to both open surgery and extended conventional radiation therapy.

Although its name may suggest otherwise, CyberKnife has nothing to do with cutting healthy tissue to remove a cancerous tumor. On the contrary, it uses image-guided robotics to precisely target and destroy tumors with multiple beams of high-energy radiation without ever piercing the skin.

Precise Targeting of Prostate Tumors

CyberKnife’s use of robotic, image-guided technology delivers radiation directly to the tumor with pinpoint accuracy, while leaving healthy, surrounding tissues and organs untouched and unharmed. It is so precise that it can track the tumor even when a patient inadvertently moves or so much as breathes.

In fact, it is this remarkable precision that allows CyberKnife to treat lesions that would otherwise be inoperable or untreatable with conventional radio-surgery systems.

As revolutionary as this sounds, the technology behind CyberKnife robotic radio-surgery has been in use and well-documented for more than 30 years. Over that time, hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide have benefited from CyberKnife treatment and numerous clinical studies published in medical journals have confirmed CyberKnife’s safety and effectiveness in treating primary cancers, metastatic cancers, recurring cancers and benign tumors.

No Recovery Necessary

In addition to its powerful efficiency, CyberKnife offers patients many benefits compared to surgical and other traditional cancer treatment options. For one thing, it doesn’t require anesthesia and there is no downtime or hospitalization involved.

During the procedure, a patient simply lies down and relaxes while CyberKnife treats the tumor or lesion. Typically, just one to five 30-to-90-minute sessions over the course of one to two weeks are required. Compare this to the dozens of sessions over a period of weeks or months required with conventional radiation treatments.

Plus, there are few if any minor side effects as a result of your CyberKnife treatment. Depending on your condition, you may experience some temporary fatigue or mild nausea, but rarely any of the lingering side effects common with conventional radiation therapy. And since there is no downtime, you are back on your feet and resuming your normal activities immediately after your treatment session.

Radiation Treatment in Miami

With robotic-assisted radiation such as the CyberKnife System, less is more: Less, if any, discomfort; less time spent in treatment; fewer side effects and no recovery time. More time doing the things you enjoy.

Of course, not everyone is a suitable candidate for robotic-assisted radio-surgery, but a CyberKnife-trained physician at the CyberKnife Center of Miami can meet with you and determine whether your condition can be treated with this innovative alternative. If so, we can promptly arrange for treatment and provide the highest-quality care available.

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