Pick the Right Cancer Treatment Team

Many patients that are diagnosed with cancer are given maybe one or two treatment options by their physician. Some are referred to a surgeon or a general radiation center because their doctors are unaware of the option for a better cancer treatment team that can provide results.

 Radiosurgery is a breakthrough treatment option that is helping thousands of people take back their health and life with the least disruption to their daily life. 

Dr. Mark Pomper, Medical and Executive Director of the CyberKnife Center of Miami encourages everyone, whether you’re his patient or not, to do your research.  

Dr. Pomper says, “I would advise patients to look at the risks and talk to people who have received other treatment types, especially surgery, to understand their experience and daily life afterward. Doing your cancer treatment research, and being your patient advocate is crucial to finding the best solution for you and finding the right treatment team to help you through it.” 

 We believe that with careful consideration, you’ll see CyberKnife as the best cancer treatment alternative available today. 

Why CyberKnife Miami is the Best Choice for You 

CyberKnife Center of Miami was the first CyberKnife facility to open in Florida and the entire southeastern US region. 

With our open-staff facility, your physicians can collaborate with our oncology team to plan your treatment. We believe that the physician who knows you and your medical history best to work with our team to deliver customized treatment for your specific condition.  

Every person that steps into the CyberKnife Center of Miami is battling a difficult disease and it can be a heavy burden both physically and emotionally.  

Some are fighting life-threatening cancers; others are suffering from benign tumors or nerve disorders like Trigeminal Neuralgia. Whatever the condition is, our highly experienced team will help every patient and their family every step of the way. We educate you about what to expect from the beginning, to the end, and beyond treatment. Our compassionate staff will hold your hand every step of the way, making patients feel safe and secure. 

Since treating our first patient in December 2003, our team of radiation oncologists, surgeons, medical physicists, and radiation therapists continue to provide a level of skill and precision that matches our years of experience. We have the most experienced radiosurgery specialists in the United States.  

Many of our team members are often asked to train doctors and radiation oncologists at other treatment centers around the world, as well as medical education seminars, on how to use the CyberKnife most effectively with the most positive outcomes. The CyberKnife technology is advanced, but the results are only as good as the specialists using it and treating you. 

When asked about why doctors should refer their patients to CyberKnife Miami, Dr. Pomper said, “CyberKnife is the most sophisticated and refined way to treat most tumors. Patients can have a high success rate of cure in the most efficient manner with the least amount of side effects. Being among the first CyberKnife Centers to open in the U.S. and worldwide, we have treated the most patients and have the most experienced staff. Our staff is knowledgeable and courteous and one of our most tremendous resources.” 

If you have a tumor or lesion anywhere in your body, contact our office to see if you are a candidate for this lifesaving robotic radiation treatment. We may be able to dissolve it without incisions, anesthesia, pain, or recovery time. To learn more about CyberKnife treatment services for breast cancer or to schedule an appointment, visit our website at www.cyberknifemiami.com or speak to a member of our staff by calling our office at (305) 279-2900.