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Men considering radiation therapy for prostate cancer should explore their options including CyberKnife therapy because it minimizes side effects.

Let us know your thoughts after reading this Q&A between Dr. Piaman Ghafoori, a board certified radiologist and a potential patient.

Q: I am weighing options for prostate cancer treatment. What about sexual dysfunction and incontinence?

A: External beam radiation therapy is a common treatment for prostate.

It can cure prostate cancer because it is highly effective in killing cancerous cells by destroying their DNA. 

No surgery is needed for these therapies, which include intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or CyberKnife.

These treatments are generally well-tolerated and non-invasive.

Many men wonder if radiation therapies such as IMRT or CyberKnife will affect them sexually or cause incontinence.

These side effects are possible with any treatment for prostate cancer, including open prostatectomy, da Vinci prostatectomy, IMRT or CyberKnife.

An important recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that the risk of incontinence and sexual dysfunction is significantly lower with radiation therapy in the first 5 years after treatment as compared with surgery. 

Furthermore, other studies have shown that preserving baseline sexual function is now estimated to be 80%-90% with

CyberKnife, which can deliver the treatment in one week.

CyberKnife Miami has treated hundreds of men with prostate cancer with excellent results.

The trained staff and expert doctors can answer any questions you have about prostate or any other cancer treatments, possible side effects and survivor rates.

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