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At CyberKnife Miami – we hear comments like the following all the time from our patients:

“CyberKnife was the most amazing treatment I had ever experienced. It was a piece of cake and walk in the park compared to past treatments I had undergone.”

That is a quote from Debbie Black, a metastatic breast cancer suvivor who wants to share her story with other women so they will be more informed should they ever be diagnosed with this disease.

As the second-most diagnosed cancer in women in the U.S., breast cancer impacts the lives of many.

Debbie Black is among those whose life has been dramatically impacted by the disease.

Initially diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at the age of 30, Debbie underwent aggressive chemotherapy and hormonal treatment.

She was cancer-free for more than a decade until she began experiencing the loss of feeling in the left side of her body.

Following tests, Debbie learned her cancer had come back and spread to her brain.

She underwent surgery to remove the majority of the brain tumor, but due to the tumor’s size and proximity to critical anatomy, a small portion had to be left behind.

Additionally, it was discovered that a second smaller tumor had formed in her brain.

Debbie’s doctors suggested CyberKnife to treat both the original remaining tumor and the second tumor discovered.

“CyberKnife was the most amazing treatment I had ever experienced,” said Debbie. “It was a piece of cake and walk in the park compared to past treatments I had undergone.”

CyberKnife is an advanced technology that can treat metastatic tumors that develop in the brain or lungs from the spread of primary breast cancer.

CyberKnife delivers extremely precise doses of radiation in five or fewer outpatient treatments and does not involve surgery or sedation.

“Women may choose CyberKnife treatment for metastatic brain tumors due to fewer side effects, shorter treatment times and to avoid additional invasive cancer treatment,” said Dr. Jonathan Tay, co-medical director of the Reno CyberKnife in Nevada.

As one of the estimated 155,000 Americans currently living with metastatic breast cancer, Debbie encourages women facing a diagnosis to know their treatment options and understand there is hope.

“I’ve been fighting this disease for nearly 25 years. I didn’t think I would get to see my son graduate elementary school, but I’ve had the opportunity to see him live his life, graduate college and get married. I’m so thankful there is technology like CyberKnife that can help women like me continue living a normal life.”

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