Get the Best Lymphoma Cancer Treatment with CyberKnife

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CyberKnife can be an option for treatment or partnered with other cancer-fighting therapies if you or a loved one suffers from lymphoma. 

CyberKnife Radiotherapy is a highly specialized radiation therapy machine that treats cancerous and non-cancerous tumors with sub-millimeter accuracy, unlike conventional radiation therapy machines.

In general, how you treat lymphoma depends on the stage of the cancer and your general health.   

What Is Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a type of cancer that starts in your body’s immune cells called lymphocytes, according to the American Cancer Society and it affects the lymphatic system, which fights off germs in the body. The lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes, spleen, thymus gland and bone marrow.  Lymphoma can affect all of those areas, and it can spread to other areas as well.

While there are many types of lymphoma, they generally often fall in two main categories, according to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes and is typically characterized by the presence of certain cells called “Reed-Sternberg cells”.  

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma starts in lymphocyte cells, which are part of the body’s immune system. 

If you know what type of lymphoma you have, it can and will affect your treatment options. Treatment may include chemotherapy, biologic therapy, radiation or a combination of different treatments.

How CyberKnife Can Help as a Lymphoma Cancer Treatment?

To understand how CyberKnife can help with Lymphoma, you must first understand what CyberKnife treatment is.

CyberKnife is not a knife at all. It uses missile-guided radiation technology to zero in on tumors and cancer with pinpoint accuracy. Cyberknife delivers radiation directly to the tumor while sparing the healthy tissues around it.  

CyberKnife technology was first FDA approved in 2001to treat tumors anywhere in the body and has been used to treat thousands of patients worldwide with a great deal of success. Before 2001 it was used to treat only brain tumors.

With lymphoma, sometimes the cancer metastasizes, spreads and produces tumors in other parts of the body. Other times cancerous lymphocytes or immune cells change and grow out of control. They can also congregate in the lymph nodes and cause them to fill up with cancer cells.

That’s Where CyberKnife Comes In: 

CyberKnife can directly target these cancer-infested, swollen lymph nodes with pinpoint precision and destroy the cancer in them. 

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Center Near Me

The Cyberknife Center of Miami is here to help discuss your lymphoma treatment options with you. Please call us to discuss your plan and to see if CyberKnife may be an option for you.

In South Florida and in Miami we are a leader in CyberKnife cancer treatment and the first to bring residents of South Florida this ground-breaking technology.

Our team of radiation oncologists, surgeons, medical physicists and radiation therapists have a level of skill and dedication that is unmatched by others in our area. In fact, we have some of the most experienced Radiosurgery specialists in the United States and we have been called on to teach others how to do their jobs better.

CyberKnife Patient Benefits 

CyberKnife treatment is not experimental and is covered by most insurance carriers.

We provide one-on-one compassionate care because we know a cancer diagnosis can be daunting. We want to partner with you so that you are comfortable with your treatment plan and understand it every step of the way.

In most cases CyberKnife treatment is painless, and there is little downtime for patients. Complications occur less often with CyberKnife than with other types of radiation. Patients may experience headaches, nausea, bowel or urinary symptoms or fatigue, depending on the treatment area. Symptoms are temporary and go away in a few days.

Our goal is to help patients live longer, healthier lives and most importantly, maintain quality of life while undergoing cancer treatment.

Call the CyberKnife Center of Miami and talk to our cancer experts about how CyberKnife can treat lymphoma that has metastasized or call for an appointment: 305-279-2900 

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