Is Treating Cancer in 5 Days Really Possible With CyberKnife?

by | Feb 27, 2020 | CyberKnife Center of Miami

Being told you have cancer is hard enough to deal with, trying to figure out which treatment option is best for you can be overwhelming. The good news is there are a lot of treatment options available today. If possible,  seek out the one that is the least invasive, can be done quickly. This would result in the least disruption and the most effective results. 

If it’s radiation therapy that you need, that’s where CyberKnife comes in and should be considered as the first line of treatment for many reasons. Standard Radiation Therapy can require weeks, if not months of daily treatment sessions which can really cause havoc with your life, work, and family.

CyberKnife Radiation Therapy on the other hand often requires only 1 to 5 treatment sessions, so your cancer treatment may be done in 1 to 10 days. Here’s why: CyberKnife delivers the highest dose possible of hundreds of radiation beams targeting the tumor from every angle destroying it. Plus the missile guided image technology is so precise it hits and kills only the tumor, leaving healthy surrounding tissue and organs unharmed. 

Because the beams are so powerful much fewer treatments are needed, greatly reducing treatment time, yet at the same time being highly successful at beating cancer. 

How Does CyberKnife Work?

CyberKnife, also known as Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy or SBRT, automatically adjusts and stays focused on the tumor as the patient breathes normally which greatly reduces the risk of bad side effects caused by damaging healthy nearby tissue or other organs. The accuracy of the targeted beams goes right down to the millimeter ensuring an optimal tumor strike. 

How Does This Treatment Affect Patients?

Patients, dressed in their street clothes, lay down on the CyberKnife table, listen to music – and undergo a comfortable procedure, where most don’t feel a thing. Usually, the treatment takes about 45 minutes. Afterward, most patients get up and go to work, lunch or whatever they want to do.

Decades of research prove CyberKnife is safe and effective with few if any, side effects and many patients remain cancer-free following treatment.

The most common side effects are feeling a little fatigued or nauseous following treatment. This tends to go away after 24 hours.

Is CyberKnife Right For Me?

While CyberKnife may not be the best treatment option for everyone if your doctor suggests radiation therapy we recommend consulting with the CyberKnife Center of Miami. You will be happy you did.

CyberKnife is highly effective, non-invasive, with minimal downtime and recovery needed. It’s easy, quick and patients are back in good health and their normal routines as soon as possible.

Our team at the CyberKnife Center of Miami is among the most experienced in the country because we’ve been doing it the longest and it is all we do. The center is a free-standing clinic so you are not dealing with a big medical maze where parking is difficult. You pull right into our parking lot, walk into the center and we will hold your hand through the whole process keeping it as simple and easy as possible for you and your entire family. 

Call our cancer experts at CyberKnife Miami to see if you are a candidate for this life-saving technology (800) 204-0455 and go to our website now to learn more