CyberKnife: Unrivaled Precision to Protect Liver Function During Liver Cancer Treatment

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Liver Cancer

The liver has many important functions in the body. That’s why when treating liver cancer, it’s important to avoid damaging normal liver tissue as much as possible.
Advanced radiation techniques, such as stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) delivered with the CyberKnife System, provide physicians with an option to effectively treat the tumor while minimizing radiation to nearby healthy tissues.
The CyberKnife System, the world’s only robotic radiosurgery system, offers a proven, non-surgical approach to the treatment of liver tumors.
Throughout the treatment, the CyberKnife System’s unique real-time motion synchronization technology tracks the position of the tumor and simultaneously moves the robot to adapt the delivery of the radiation beam precisely to the moving target.
Abdominal tumors, such as liver tumors, move with a patient’s respiration. Preserving as much healthy liver tissue as possible makes the ability to track, detect, and adapt for this motion critically important.
The CyberKnife System’s robotic design and motion synchronization technology enable the delivery of radiation with extreme precision. This surgical-like precision is key to providing the best possible long-term cancer control, while minimizing dose to surrounding healthy tissues to reduce the risk of side effects and preserve liver function.
CyberKnife treatment may be an ideal option for patients who cannot undergo surgery and/or whose tumors cannot be completely removed with surgery.
The CyberKnife System can also be used as a bridge to transplantation.
Key CyberKnife® treatment benefits:
Non-surgical and non-invasive

Good results for inoperable tumors

Treatments typically completed in 1-5 treatment sessions on consecutive days

Most patients can continue normal activity throughout treatment.
More than two decades of clinical proof:
The CyberKnife® System is the first and only radiotherapy device that brings true robotic precision and real-time motion synchronization technology to liver cancer treatment. But this revolutionary treatment technology is not new; the CyberKnife System has more than two decades of clinical proof and has helped thousands of patients with various liver cancers and lesions.
The CyberKnife System is used to treat liver cancers, including medically inoperable and other complicated cases, with a procedure called stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).
A study of 75 patients with liver cancer treated using the CyberKnife System found that 89.8 percent of patients showed no progression of cancer beyond the liver two years following treatment.
Overall survival at the one-year follow-up was 78.5 percent and at the two-year follow-up was 50.4 percent.
A study evaluating the efficacy and toxicity of SBRT in the treatment of 57 patients with liver metastases showed more than 85 percent of patients achieved local tumor control at two years post treatment, without severe toxicities.
Overall survival at the two-year follow-up was 55.9 percent. 2
Ask your physician if CyberKnife treatment is right for you.
You deserve the best possible treatment for your liver cancer. Find a cancer center in your area offering the CyberKnife System like the CyberKnife Center of Miami — and find out if CyberKnife treatment is right for you.
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