CyberKnife Saving The Lives of Pets and Animals

by | Aug 26, 2022 | CyberKnife for Pets

Accuray’s CyberKnife technology isn’t just leading the way in improving cancer treatment options for people — it’s redefining what’s possible in the treatment of animals with tumors and cancer.
Pet and animal owners are increasingly seeking out radiation therapy as a safe and effective cancer treatment option, driving a rapidly growing demand for radiotherapy in the field of veterinary oncology.
The CyberKnife System can treat virtually any tumor, anywhere in the animal’s body.
Its robotic system delivers radiation to tumors with unmatched sub-millimeter precision from hundreds of angles.
The system uses Synchrony® technology targeting the tumor even if the animal moves a little while sedated on the CyberKnife table.
This level of precision enables radiation therapy to be delivered in fewer treatments, reducing clinic visits and the number of times an animal must go under anesthesia.
And just as important, it greatly reduces the incidence of side effects. Often there are none.
If you find yourself considering or needing this treatment option for your beloved pet – google Verternarian CyberKnife Centers Near Me – at the very least call for a consultation.
The treatment could save your pet’s life with a lot less pain and suffering.