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There’s a Safer, Faster Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Women Must Know About:

It offers improved cosmetic results, less radiation exposure to surrounding tissue, including the heart and lungs, reducing the risk of damage to those vital organs.

Plus, it’s done in a much shorter time period, decreasing the number of treatments from about 35 over a couple of months to 5 done over a few days. 

The treatment, using CyberKnife Technology is called Stereotactic Partial-Breast Radiation. 

For nearly a decade breast cancer researchers and radiation oncologists have been using CyberKnife Technology, a newer type of radiation therapy for early-stage alternative breast cancer treatment and found it to be just as safe and effective as traditional radiation.

Shorter, effective treatments are critical for busy patients like Leslie LeBlanc. 
“The thought of 7 weeks of radiation, going every day, trying to get back to work, being with my family, doing everything I needed to do was overwhelming. CyberKnife was a much better option.” 

The CyberKnife Center of Miami is the first cancer center in South Florida offering the new treatment. 

CyberKnife Miami’s Medical Director and Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Mark Pomper says, “CyberKnife radiotherapy delivers a high dose of radiation with pinpoint accuracy. It targets only the tumor site, unlike conventional radiation, which must treat a margin around the tumor, risking damage to healthy tissue.”

“CyberKnife’s image-guided technology also follows the tumor as a patient breathes normally, again reducing the risk of tissue and organ damage.”

“When the amount of radiation to the heart and lungs is decreased, so is the risk of developing side effects such as heart disease, reduced lung function, or secondary cancer,” says Dr. Pomper. 

CyberKnife Radiotherapy is especially helpful to women who have developed cancer in the left breast since it’s situated close to the heart.

Dr. Kristin Wiginton, an alternative Breast Cancer treatment patient, was among the 1st treated using CyberKnife in 2011.

Because heart disease runs in her family, traditional radiation therapy wasn’t a good choice for her due to potential damage to surrounding tissues, including the heart. 

The CyberKnife precision greatly lessens that risk.

“If they’re willing to use it on brain cancer, I think it’s a fairly safe bet to use in a breast,” Dr. Wiginton said.

Radiation Therapy following a lumpectomy is commonly recommended to remove potential residual cancer. 

Shorter course treatments with CyberKnife is an excellent way to prevent a cancer diagnosis from taking over your life.

To find out if you’re a candidate for CyberKnife Radiation Therapy for breast cancer talk to our experts at the CyberKnife Center of Miami 

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