Why Choose CyberKnife to Treat Beast Cancer?

There are are a lot of crucial reasons that can affect your life while undergoing treatment, and for years following breast cancer treatment!

The CyberKnife Center of Miami is a state-of the-art cancer treatment center in Miami. 

CyberKnife Miami offers a safer, faster way to treat breast cancer with outstanding tumor control, improved cosmetic results, less radiation exposure to surrounding tissue, including the heart and lungs, reducing the risk of damage to those vital organs.

Plus, it’s done in a much shorter time period, decreasing the number of radiation treatments from about 35 over weeks to just 1-to-5 treatment sessions done over a few days.

For more than a decade, Radiation Oncologists have been using CyberKnife Radiation Therapy instead of standard radiation to treat early stage breast cancer and found it to be just as safe and effective.

A shorter, effective treatment is critical, especially for busy patients who find it difficult to drop everything going on in their lives, including work for treatment. With CyberKnife they don’t have to.

CyberKnife Miami’s Medical Director and board-certified radiation oncologist, Dr. Mark Pomper explains how it works:

 “CyberKnife therapy delivers high doses of radiation, from hundreds of angles with extreme accuracy, targeting only the tumor site. There are no incisions of the skin needed. The CyberKnife stops at very specific points to target the tumor. Conventional radiation therapy must target much larger areas of normal breast tissue beyond the tumor. In fact, CyberKnife uses imaging cameras and the Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System to track the movement of the lesion as the patient breathes normally. This reduces the risk of hitting and damaging nearby healthy tissue and organs including the heart and lungs.”

When the amount of radiation to the heart and lungs is decreased, so is the risk of developing side effects such as heart disease, reduced lung function, or secondary cancer. 

CyberKnife is especially helpful to women who have developed cancer in the left breast, since it is situated so close to the heart. However, whether cancer develops in the right or left breast, CyberKnife is safer because it decreases the amount of radiation the heart and lungs receive.

It’s also safer for women with smaller breasts because it targets only the tumor site, resulting in less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Call CyberKnife Miami now to Treat Breast Cancer: 305-279-2900 and go to our website now www.cyberknifemiami.com. 

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