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Cancer Treatment That Doesn’t Feel Like Cancer Treatment

Treatment for cancer is often frightening, even downright menacing.

Of course, the goal of cancer treatment is to target cancer cells as accurately and precisely as possible, killing them and halting their ability to spread.

Previously, physicians were limited in the ways they could treat cancer, but now, with the aid of CyberKnife, a state-of-the-art, non-invasive form of radiosurgery, we’re seeing patients with minimal to no side effects and no recovery time.

Meanwhile, their cancer has been eliminated or, at least, more successfully managed.

Used alone or in conjunction with other treatments, CyberKnife targets both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors anywhere in the body, including surgically complex tumors in areas that are difficult to remove.

The treatment is not only effective in killing the cancerous cells, but it’s also being used to improve the chances that the cancer won’t return.

CyberKnife is used to treat cancers of the brain, lung, pancreas, prostate, spine, kidney and liver. To better understand CyberKnife’s functionality, here’s how it works in the treatment of prostate cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer.

CyberKnife uses advanced robotics to target the cancer.

A clinical expert uses a computer-driven, robotically guided arm to direct the radiation beams precisely to the tumor.

For prostate cancer, this means that the treatment can conform to the shape of the prostate, avoiding healthy tissue.

Another benefit of radiosurgery is its ability to adapt to movement.

Therefore, if the prostate were to move due to gas, the computer would be able to adapt and correct itself to ensure constant focus on the prostate.

Treatment for prostate cancer is generally performed in 5 outpatient visits.

There’s no hospitalization, incisions or anesthesia, either. And that goes for all types of cancer treatment with CyberKnife.

So, whether this cutting-edge radiosurgery is being used alone or complementarily, this is a big step in the fight against cancer.

And, even better, it’s being performed locally, giving area cancer patients more comprehensive and effective treatment.


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