CyberKnife Has Transformed Cancer Treatment

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Alternative Cancer Treatment Florida, Best Cancer Doctors, Best Cancer Treatment

This much newer technology has eliminated the need for painful surgery and hospital stays for many cancer patients. CyberKnife eliminates tumors non-invasively with targeted radiation therapy, so there’s no cutting, anesthesia or recovery time.
Any time you can avoid surgery and a hospital stay, it’s often a better, less risky choice.
All patients deserve the best possible treatment. They deserve technologies that
deliver shorter, safer and more effective treatments so they can return to their families and normal lives faster.
The oncology teams treating patients also deserve the best technology available.
For both those reasons CyberKnife was developed.
This newer form of radiation therapy FDA approved in 2001, delivers a stronger dose of radiation to tumors but in the most targeted way, destroying only the tumor, not surrounding vital organs or healthy tissue.
Instead of surgery and a lengthy recovery period, you go into a CyberKnife center, lay down on the table, get treated, which takes about 45 minutes, get up and go about your day.
Sound too good to be true? There is 30-plus years of medical and clinical research to prove its safety and effectiveness.
If it is true, then why doesn’t every medical center have it? Why didn’t my doctor tell me about it?
All good questions. If your doctor is a surgeon he will want to operate because that’s what he or she does.
If your medical center doesn’t have the technology, they will not send you to a center that does, even if it’s a better treatment option for you because they don’t want to lose your medical dollar.
So they will put you through surgery or use older forms of radiation technology, requring many more treatment sessions.
Bottomline: They want to keep your medical dollar in their medical facility, even if it’s not in your best interest.
It’s called “Medicine’s Dirty Little Secret.”
Here’s the worst part, even centers with CyberKnife technology often won’t use it. They will use their older forms of radiation because they get more money for the many more treatment sessions required. And if you have bad side effects from those older forms of radiation, they get to treat you for that too, which means more money for their facility, but a much tougher time for you and more expensive.
Do yourself, or loved one a very big favor.
If you are diagnosed with a tumor, find a CyberKnife center and see if you are a candidate for the treatment. Do it even if your doctor says you’re not a candidate because there’s an excellent chance you are. Most patients are candidates but they may not tell you that either.
You can send your medical records and scans to any CyberKnife center, if for nothing else but to get a second opinion, which you should always do anyway.
You can send the info to the CyberKnife Center of Miami, which our oncology team will review and can tell you if you are a candidate or not.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including your life, with the least disruption to it.
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