Clive Rice Returns Home After CyberKnife Brain Tumor Treatment

by | Mar 24, 2015 | CyberKnife to Treat Cancer, CyberKnife Treatment

Former South Africa cricket team captain Clive Rice, who had been down at Health Care Global (HCG) for a cancer treatment, has successfully returned home following a CyberKnife Robotic Surgery which proved effective for his brain tumor.

The 65 year old former cricketer had suffered a black out at his Johannesburg home before consulting a doctor who referred him for the surgery at HCG in Bangalore, India.

A great all-rounder at his prime, Clive Rice was tagged along with cricketing giants like Ian Botham, Kapil Dev and Richard Hadlee. He, however, captained the South African team in 1991 against India at the age of 42.

Led by Dr. Sridhar PS – Consultant – Radiation Oncology – HCG and his multi-disciplinary team, he said, that it was a case of soft tissue sarcoma which was spreading to the brain, adding that the brain lesion is deep seated and thus regular surgery couldn’t be performed.

The doctor added that in this situation, CyberKnife Robotic Radio surgery, which is painless and non-invasive technology was performed which took care of the lesion, claiming that post treatment, Rice has been informed on regular check-ups for further monitoring and treatment.

Post the treatment, Rice commented that it went very well and he feels good after the treatment, adding that he received the CyberKnife treatment for three hours and it went much better than he had expected.

Rice said that one cannot believe how fantastic the technology is, adding that he experienced no pain during the treatment and the fear that cancer would spread had also dissipated. He insisted that they must be proactive in the fight against cancer, adding, ‘Can’t doesn’t exist, Can does.’

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