Cancer Waits For No One: We’re Treating Patients During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Mar 21, 2020Cancer, Cancer Treatment, Coronavirus Update, COVID19, CyberKnife Center of Miami

Cancer Waits For No One – We’re Treating Patients During Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic some cancer centers are postponing procedures especially for cancers that are considered slow-growing or early-stage, however our team at CyberKnife Miami continues treating patients while always taking the necessary safety precautions to keep them healthy.

Cancer is scary and many cancer patients don’t want to wait for treatment, they want it taken care of as soon as possible. 

Another important factor, studies show many cancers thought to be slow growing turned out not to be, so it’s often better to get treated as soon as possible.

Some cancer treatments can weaken your immune system and increase your risk of infection, CyberKnife Radiation Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, so there is a lower risk of that happening.

A patient’s health has always been our top priority.
We take safety precautions all year long to make sure our patients are not exposed to community acquired flu or viruses at our center.

We want to assure our patients that we are taking even more precautions during this heightened global crisis, including screening patients to make sure they are not sick when they arrive and thoroughly wiping down all patient and treatment areas and equipment before and after a patient leaves our center.
The fact that we are a small, private and low patient volume center means there is less risk of infection from exposure to other patients.

Our patients only require 1-to-5 non-invasive treatments, greatly reducing the risk of exposure to illness by repeatedly coming to a big medical center and sitting around for long periods of time waiting for treatment.

At CyberKnife Miami, we will continue taking tough measures to keep our patients safe all year long and get their cancer treatment behind them the easiest way possible, with the least disruption to their lives.

Call our experts at CyberKnife Miami if you have any questions 305-279-2900

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