Ask a Cancer Treatment Center: What are the Primary Symptoms of Cancer That You Can Detect?

by Jul 14, 2021Cancer, Cancer Prevention, Cancer Symptoms, Cancer Treatment

The word cancer can be scary. 

The diagnosis of cancer can be downright devastating. 

While sometimes there are no symptoms with certain cancers, other times the symptoms are hiding in plain sight.   

The cancer experts at CyberKnife Miami have compiled a list of symptoms for some cancers that you may not know.   

While the list isn’t completely comprehensive, it’s meant as a guide so that you pay attention to your body and go to a doctor if you recognize any of these symptoms. 

Cancer Symptoms 

Breast Cancer Symptoms: Look for a new lump, swelling in the breast, pain or discharge from the nipple. 

Colon Cancer Symptoms: Symptoms may include weight loss, weakness, blood in your stool or changes to your bowel habits. 

Prostate Cancer Symptoms: Symptoms can include problems urinating or getting an erection, needing to urinate frequently, blood in the urine or pain in the back, hips or pelvis. 

Bladder Cancer Symptoms: Look for blood in the urine. That can be a first sign. Changes in urination may also be a symptom.

Kidney Cancer Symptoms: This may cause blood in the urine too. It may also cause pain in one side of your back, lethargy and weight loss. 

Lung Cancer Symptoms: You may have a cough that won’t go away. You could cough up blood, have voice changes or chronic lung infections. Headaches and unexplained weight loss can be a sign of lung cancer too. Keep in mind, lung cancer often doesn’t cause symptoms in early stages. 

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms: Symptoms don’t often appear until the disease has progressed. Unexplained weight loss, pain in the abdomen, fatigue or yellowing of the eyes can be symptoms. 

Brain Cancer Symptoms: Symptoms may include vision changes, extreme headaches, seizures, weakness, dizziness, difficulty with coordination, nausea and vomiting. 

Liver Cancer Symptoms: Symptoms may include weight loss, loss of appetite, skin or eye yellowing, pain in your stomach or a swollen abdomen. 

Skin Cancer Symptoms: For basal cell carcinomas look for a sore that may not heal or that grows and bleeds. Melanoma may look like a mole or dark spot with uneven edges.  It may also bleed, itch or look crusty. 

When to Worry About Cancer?  

The truth is you know your body best.  

If something doesn’t feel or look right, go to the doctor. And don’t skip your annual exams. Your doctor may see changes over time as well. And certain yearly tests can lead to early detection. 

Cancers and Conditions Treated With CyberKnife

 If you are diagnosed with cancer, CyberKnife Miami can help.

We treat a wide variety of cancers including prostate, lungs, breast, kidneys, pancreas, head and neck, lymph nodes and brain as well as other metastatic cancers and medical conditions like trigeminal neuralgia where radiation may be needed.

CyberKnife uses pinpointed radiation technology to target tumors and kill cancer with extreme accuracy.   

The technology delivers radiation directly to the tumor, while leaving healthy surrounding tissue unharmed.   

With CyberKnife, patients receive a shorter course of treatment because of the targeted radiation.   

CyberKnife has been used for more than two decades and has helped hundreds of thousands of patients. It’s even helped patients who were told they couldn’t have more radiation and patients where tumors were deemed inoperable, like lung cancer patients and pancreatic cancer patients. 

Cancer Treatment Center Miami  

Cyberknife Miami opened its doors almost 20 years ago and was the first Cyberknife center to open in the Southeast United States. 

Since that time, we have successfully treated thousands of patients. 

Our staff knows that treating our patients with compassion and state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand. That’s a distinct advantage we have over other cancer treatment centers in the area.  

Plus, our doctors and staff are experts in the field, often working to train others in how to use CyberKnife technology.   

If you are interested in learning more about CyberKnife Miami call us now at 305-279-2900 or go to our website 

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