CyberKnife For Cancer Treatment in Miami

by Mar 14, 2021Cancer Treatment, CyberKnife Center of Miami, CyberKnife to Treat Cancer

If your cancer treatment plan involves radiation, the cancer treatment center in Miami atCyberKnife may be just what the doctor ordered.

Let us start with a brief explanation of what CyberKnife really is.  

The name is a little misleading because CyberKnife is not a knife at all.  It is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive radiation treatment system for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and other medical problems.  

CyberKnife has a distinct advantage over traditional radiation. According to the experts at the CyberKnife Center of Miami, CyberKnife uses image-guided radiation technology to target tumors and kill cancer with pinpoint accuracy. The technology delivers radiation directly to the tumor while leaving healthy surrounding tissue unharmed. With CyberKnife, patients are treated in 1 to 5 treatments because of the unique image-guided targeted radiation.  This image-guidance allows for a much shorter course of treatment than conventional radiation therapy.

Cancers and Conditions Treated at the  CyberKnife Cancer Treatment Center Miami

CyberKnife can be used to treat cancer of the prostate, lungs, liver, spine, breast, kidneys, pancreas, head and neck, lymph nodes, and brain as well as other metastatic cancers and medical conditions where radiation therapy may be needed like trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations.

CyberKnife has been used for nearly three decades and has helped hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide – even patients who were told they could not have any more radiation and for patients where tumors were deemed inoperable, like lung cancer patients and pancreatic cancer patients.

CyberKnife Therapy for Lung Cancer 

“We treat many lung cancer patients at CyberKnife Miami,” Dr. Mark Pomper, board-certified radiation oncologist and medical director of the CyberKnife Center of Miami, says. “CyberKnife delivers a higher, more accurate dose of radiation to lung cancer tumors. It destroys the tumors with little chance of them recurring. For inoperable lung cancer, CyberKnife can be a valuable alternative.” 

CyberKnife’s precision is so important for lung cancer patients. The system can literally monitor a patient’s breathing and keep track of subtle movements so that only the tumor is targeted during treatment.  

This system is a non-surgical option for early-stage, inoperable non-small cell lung cancer and tumors in challenging locations like near the chest wall. It may also be an alternative for patients who cannot or do not want surgery.

Here are a few benefits of non-invasive lung cancer treatment with CyberKnife:

  • Excellent control of tumors
  • Lower risk of damage to healthy tissue
  • Better quality of life during and after treatment

Metastatic Lymph Node Cancer Treatment 

Dr. Mark Pomper also says CyberKnife is another treatment option for metastatic lymph node cancer for the same reason it works well for lung cancer.

The technology uses targeted radiation to destroy cancer in the lymph nodes with pinpoint accuracy. It is non-invasive and because it is so precise, it leaves healthy tissue unharmed.

When combined with other treatments like chemotherapy, CyberKnife can offer a powerful option or addition for treating metastatic lymph node cancer.

Dr. Pomper adds, “We treat a lot of metastatic lymph nodes at CyberKnife Miami very successfully. Some doctors wrongly tell patients the area cannot be treated if it has been treated before with other types of radiation. That is not always the case. When in doubt, call CyberKnife Miami for a second opinion.” 

CyberKnife Successful Cancer Treatment Center Miami 

Cyberknife Miami opened its doors nearly 20 years ago and was the first Cyberknife center to open in the Southeast and the 11th center to open in the United States.  

Since that time, we have successfully treated thousands of patients.

We want each of our patients to know that to us, they are not statistics. They are real people with families and friends who love them. Our staff knows that treating our patients with compassion and state-of-the-art technology goes hand-in-hand.  That is a distinct advantage we have over other cancer treatment centers in the area. Plus, our doctors and staff are experts in the field, even training others in how to use CyberKnife technology.  

If you are interested in learning more about CyberKnife Miami call us at 305-279-2900 and go to our website now.

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