Brain Cancer: CyberKnife vs Whole Brain Radiation

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Brain Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer

Our brain is made up of very delicate and complex tissues. Should you develop a serious condition such as brain cancer, it can have a deep and lasting effect on your entire body.

The treatments for brain cancer can also have as much of an effect on your body as cancer itself.

That’s why it’s so important you chose the best treatment option for your particular case.

The doctor treating your brain cancer needs to be extremely thorough, extra careful, and precise.

The right treatment can be both lifesaving and life-altering. If at all possible choose a noninvasive cancer treatment.

Radiation and Brain Cancer: What Are My Options?

Radiation Therapy may be one of your options.

When treating brain cancer with radiation, there are mainly two ways it can be treated: whole brain radiation or Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) delivered by CyberKnife technology.

Whole Brain Radiation Therapy

Whole-brain radiation delivers lower-intensity radiation to the entire brain. While it is a non-invasive option for brain cancer, whole-brain radiotherapy can negatively impact your cognitive abilities, such as remembering things and concentrating.

Think of it this way, radiation is supposed to kill the cancer cells to stop and eliminate the tumor. However, if you treat the entire brain, you are also hurting important cells and areas of your brain. Side effects could include vision loss, hearing loss, loss of motor skills, and more.

So, why would someone recommend whole brain radiation? Sometimes, there are too many tumors within the brain or there could be microscopic tumors that need to be treated. These tumors could be missed by MRIs and therefore, missed during targeted radiation therapy.

That said, the majority of the cases can be treated with a more targeted approach and should always be considered as a treatment option.

CyberKnife Radiation: NonInvasive Brain Cancer Treatment

Enter CyberKnife Technology: This device delivers high-intensity targeted radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy directly to the tumor.

These precisely aimed radiation beams shrink or dissolve the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

The CyberKnife System is one type of radiation that is a proven, non-surgical option for treating brain tumors while helping to protect your quality of life. Delivering beams of radiation with military-grade accuracy, CyberKnife provides excellent clinical outcomes for various types of brain tumors.

It also requires fewer treatments than whole-brain therapy and with a significantly lower risk of side effects if any at all.

Plus, doctors can most often use CyberKnife even if you’ve already undergone other treatments that did not work.

Maria’s Brain Cancer Victory with CyberKnife

When Maria went to visit an eye doctor for her headaches, she thought they were caused by long hours working on the computer, or perhaps she needed glasses. After ruling out both possibilities, the optometrist sent her to a neurologist.

Maria recalls, “The neurologist thought I was developing migraines and scheduled an MRI. When he said, you have a brain tumor, called a Meningioma behind my left eye; I was completely paralyzed and devastated. Even though it was benign, my husband and I were crying.”

Typical treatment options for growing brain tumors include surgery to remove them or radiation therapy like CyberKnife.

First Maria met with the board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Aldo Berti. “Surgery was not an option for Maria because of where the tumor is located and why would you do surgery when there is an excellent non-invasive treatment option?” commented Dr. Berti.

He then referred Maria to Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, Dr. David Huang at the CyberKnife Center of Miami for treatment. Left untreated Maria’s tumor could have caused vision loss and brain damage but Dr. Huang assured Maria that wasn’t going to happen to her.

Soon after she started treatments with the CyberKnife system her headaches went away, a sign that the treatment was eradicating her tumor.

Now Maria is grateful for her new lease on life. She said, “After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, I thought my life was over but not anymore. Now I look forward to a long life with my family. I’ve been reborn thanks to CyberKnife. I want the world to know I’m doing great and we tell everyone we can about CyberKnife Miami.”

The CyberKnife System has a very high success rate for treating Brain or Spine Meningiomas.

About 95% of Meningiomas stop growing after one treatment or a small series of treatments.

If you or a loved one wants a noninvasive brain tumor treatment contact CyberKnife Miami.

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