Best Treatment for Kidney Cancer

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Best Cancer Doctors Miami, Best Kidney Cancer Treatment

“Surgery is still considered the standard treatment for Kidney Cancer, but that’s a very old way of thinking. and in many cases it shouldn’t be says radiation oncologist Dr. Mark Pomper, “Why would anyone undergo the knife when kidney tumors can easily be killed using noninvasive CyberKnife radiation therapy? It’s so much easier. Instead of going into a hospital for an extended stay and major surgery, you can lay down on the CyberKnife table, get your tumor treated safely and painlessly, get up off the table and go to lunch, back to work or anything you want to do? It’s that simple, and over time the tumor dissolves while you carry on with your life.”

CyberKnife Radiation Therapy is a highly effective tool for the treatment of Primary and Metastatic Kidney Cancer.

The extremely high doses of radiation target only the tumor while sparing healthy normal tissues.

Unfortunately, kidney cancer is highly resistant to traditional radiation therapy so normal treatment options are not effective at eradicating the cancer, rather they simply slow it down.

CyberKnife for Kidney Cancer is the ideal non-surgical option because it is a treatment that can completely ablate the tumor utilizing its missile-guided technology and precision.

It delivers pinpoint radiation directly to the tumor with extreme accuracy and minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

Because it delivers the highest dose of radiation possible, patients need fewer treatments and the control rate is high. 

It kills tumor cells, and over time the tumor dies.

Nothing is required of the patient during the treatment, except to relax on the CyberKnife table. In fact, patients often sleep through treatment.

There are generally only minimal side effects, if any, from CyberKnife treatments.

Response to treatment varies from patient to patient. 

Clinical experience has shown us that most patients respond very well.

Who Is a Candidate for CyberKnife? 

Many people who have been told that they are not a candidate for surgery maybe be a candidate for CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiotherapy treatment. We can also treat post-operative patients and metastatic disease.

What To Expect from CyberKnife Kidney Cancer Treatment? 

Most patients can be treated in 1-5 treatments over a period of a few days. The treatment itself is comfortable, and patients can expect little to no side effects after undergoing CyberKnife.  

What Types of Kidney Tumors Can CyberKnife Treat? 

Clear Cell Carcinoma (70% of kidney cancers), Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma (10% of kidney cancers), Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma (5% of kidney cancers), and several severe rare types including Duct Renal Cell (very aggressive), Multilocular Cystic Renal Cell (good prognosis), Medullary Carcinoma, renal Mucinous Tubular and Spindle Cell Carcinoma (less than 1% of kidney cancers).

There are also unclassified Renal Cell Carcinomas that do not fit any category because they have more than one type and are 3-5% of all kidney cancers and are very aggressive, these require prompt treatment.

Keep in mind that the tumor will not suddenly disappear. In fact, it could take several weeks or longer for the tumor to shrink or become in active.

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