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New Research Shows CyberKnife Reduces Pain From Spinal Tumors Faster Than Conventional Radiation Without Toxicity

by ih-ccm admin
Research shows that CyberKnife Radiosurgery is a better treatment option than conventional radiation for spinal tumors. There are fewer treatments than conventional radiation and faster pain relief.

CyberKnife Successfully Treats Spinal Tumors Without Invasive Risky Surgery

by ih-ccm admin
“Grad school took a bigger toll on me then cancer and that says a lot for CyberKnife.”

Radiation Oncologists Discuss Benefits of CyberKnife

by ih-ccm admin
“We’re Seeing Cure Rates Like We’ve Never Seen Before.”

Angie's Story: Treating Spinal Tumors with CyberKnife

by ih-ccm admin
CyberKnife Radiosurgery successfully treats painful spinal tumors non-invasively by killing tumor cells before they start growing again. The treatment is done easily, requiring fewer treatments with no down time.

CyberKnife: #1 for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

by ih-ccm admin
CyberKnife's manufacturer, Accuray received the highest composite overall user satisfaction rating among radiation treatment delivery systems in the entire U.S.