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Howard's Story: Prostate Cancer "No One Ever Told Me About CyberKnife"

by ih-ccm admin
Howard was uncomfortable undergoing surgery or standard radiation for his prostate cancer treatment, then he learned about CyberKnife. CyberKnife Radiosurgery is the most advanced radiosurgery technique available for treating prostate cancer. It is non-invasive and reduces the risk of side effects that can result from traditional treatments such as surgery and standard radiation.

Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness Recommends CyberKnife Therapy

by ih-ccm admin
"Proven, tested and over a 97% cure rate for Localized Prostate Cancer CyberKnife is a perfect option for many Veterans & Active Military Members.”

Joan's Story: CyberKnife Successfully Treats Lung Cancer

by ih-ccm admin
“The treatment was so easy and let me get right back to life as usual – I wish the CyberKnife could have been my option from the start and I wish this would work for everyone who has lung cancer.”

Lung Cancer Diagnosis in Never- Smokers on the Rise

by ih-ccm admin
As many as 20% of people who die from lung cancer in the United States are non-smokers

4 New Studies Confirm Safety & Effectiveness of CyberKnife for Prostate, Lung, Head & Neck Cancers

by ih-ccm admin
The Latest Research on CyberKnife Radiation Therapy