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CyberKnife Helps Patients With Metastatic Lung Cancer Live Longer

by ih-ccm admin
The Latest Research Proves CyberKnife Radiation Therapy is Highly Effective at Treating Lung Cancer That Has Spread.

Proton Therapy Not Better Than IMRT in Lung Cancer

by ih-ccm admin
1st Randomized trial comparing #Proton Therapy to #IMRT Radiation Therapy to treat lung cancer, finds Proton Therapy is not better. There is no difference in toxicity when compared to conventional radiotherapy, which is the main claim for superiority of Proton therapy.

New Blood Test Detects Cancer’s Return 1 Year Early

by ih-ccm admin
The Earlier Cancer is Detected & Treated, the Greater Chance of Curing it, Especially for Diseases Like Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: 1 CyberKnife Treatment as Effective as 3 Using Other Types of Radiation

by ih-ccm admin
Latest Research on Lung Cancer proves CyberKnife is just as effective with fewer treatment sessions.

"CyberKnife Cured My Lung Cancer That Spread From Colon Cancer."

by ih-ccm admin
In this video Charlie Angelakis explains his Cyberknife treatment experience.