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Stereotactic Partial Breast Radiation Lowers Treatment to Five

by ih-ccm admin
A new study at UT Southwestern Medical Center showed that stereotactic partial breast radiation was as safe as traditional radiation but decreased treatment time from 42 days to just 5 days.

New Microscopic Technique Could Help Detect, Diagnose Metastatic Melanomas

by ih-ccm admin
A new tool has been devised that can detect and analyze melanoma cells that are more commonly developed in skin cancer patients that can lead to faster and better diagnoses.

New Blood Test Detects Cancer’s Return 1 Year Early

by ih-ccm admin
The Earlier Cancer is Detected & Treated, the Greater Chance of Curing it, Especially for Diseases Like Lung Cancer

Angie's Story: Treating Spinal Tumors with CyberKnife

by ih-ccm admin
CyberKnife Radiosurgery successfully treats painful spinal tumors non-invasively by killing tumor cells before they start growing again. The treatment is done easily, requiring fewer treatments with no down time.

Joel's Story: Brain Cancer “I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for CyberKnife.”

by ih-ccm admin
“The other treatment options didn’t sound as promising. The CyberKnife not only carried fewer side effects, it also appeared to be the most effective.”