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Cancer Survival Takes a Hit with Alternative Medicine

by ih-ccm admin
If you are a cancer patient using alternative therapies instead of conventional therapy read this blog before you do.

A Vasectomy Does Not Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer, Mayo Clinic Study Reports

by ih-ccm admin
Mayo Clinic study shows that there is no association between vasectomy and the risk of prostate cancer.

CyberKnife Successfully Treats Spinal Tumors Without Invasive Risky Surgery

by ih-ccm admin
“Grad school took a bigger toll on me then cancer and that says a lot for CyberKnife.”

MYRLE'S STORY: Battling Brain Tumors with CyberKnife Instead of Invasive Surgery

by ih-ccm admin
“It was relaxing. I just laid on the table and listened to some nice music while the technicians kept track of my treatment.”

MARIE'S STORY: Treating Pancreatic Cancer With CyberKnife

by ih-ccm admin
“When you hear the word CyberKnife, you think you are going to be cut because of the knife part. I was scared and told the doctor that I was worried about burning my stomach because of the radiation. The doctor told me that I was not going to be burned at all. On the contrary, I shouldn’t feel a thing.” Marie’s doctor was right – her treatment experience was painless.